Erotic Education and Tantric Tuition for Solo Explorers & Couples

Imagine how different life would be if you had received education about pleasure, intimacy and erotic aliveness?

The majority of folks are "in the dark" - quite literally - when it comes communication, expressing needs and desires, giving and receiving pleasure, and the ecstatic potential of intimate experience.

With ten years experience in the field of Sacred Sexuality, let Gayatri be your guide to erotic awakening.

Erotic Education for Men

Learn about pleasure and the erotic in a nurturing space.

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Erotic Mastery for Men

Deep dive and ecstatically rise into to your fullest potential as a lover.

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Tantric Tuition for Couples

Discover true intimacy. Enhance love, pleasure and connection.

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Tantra Massage Training

Learn the art and practice of Tantra massage.

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Ready to dive in?

Gayatri offers private tuition at her home temple space in North Dorset for individuals and couples seeking to learn in an exclusive setting.

The programme is bespoke to your interests, requirements, and level of experience.



3 hour session - £550
Full day (2 x 3 hour sessions, plus light lunch) - £950

3 hour session - £650
Full day (2 x 3 hour sessions, plus light lunch) - £1,200


Immerse yourself...

Many clients travel from afar and so we can suggest local accommodation to create a bespoke retreat experience. Immerse yourself completely in the Tantric energies.

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