Erotic Mastery for Evolutionary Men

Sex isn’t just what happens in the bedroom, it’s the life force behind your purpose.

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur, visionary, change maker, or leader.

You have cultivated the skills of success and achievement. Yet you know that there’s more for you to explore.

You want to be a better lover - and a great man.

Let me show you how...

Level One: Activate

This is where the journey starts – with you. Owning your sexual energy and discovering how to build your capacity for pleasure. The work of becoming a self-actualised man and a better lover starts with your body and your potency. If you cannot come to know and love yourself as a man, what are offering to Her?

  • Ignite your sexual energy from the inside out
  • Create a strong container for your sexual energy so that you can hold the charge of aliveness
  • Expand your capacity for pleasure and move towards full body orgasm
  • Discover the difference between climax and orgasm so that you can move beyond biological drive and align with evolutionary impulse
  • Connect with breath, sound and movement – the keys to energy awakening
  • Release barriers to authentic erotic expression; such as sexual shame and stigma
  • Transmute sexual energy for new states of consciousness

Level Two: Attune

Mainstream Western culture tends to over-emphasise the “yang” doing aspects of sexuality – and life in general – at the expense of the “yin” being aspects. This inhibits your capacity to tune into and flow with the pleasure of the moment.

Cultivating a relationship with “yin” through energetic attunement supports you in coming more fully into your erotic expression with Her.

  • Cultivate erotic intelligence so that you can master the bedroom
  • Deepen in presence and expand in energetic awareness
  • Appreciate beauty and the female form in healthy and holistic ways
  • Explore the art of giving and receiving
  • Learn the principles of generous erotic touch
  • (Re) discover intimacy and why it’s so much more than the physical
  • Explore boundaries through the verbal (consent conversation) and non-verbal (reading the signs) so that you know your touch is truly welcome
  • Unite sex, heart and soul for more fulfilling intimate connections

Level Three: Arouse

From the solid foundations and sexual awareness of Activate and Attune, you are now ready to take wings and rise.

Discover the anatomy and energetics of arousal for female pleasure. The different yet complementary paths of awakening through the body in order to open to states of ecstasy and erotic bliss.

  • Explore your authentic erotic expression; free from pressure of performance and full of pleasure potential
  • Take a tour of the female body and receive the sex education you never had (and most folks don't know)
  • Expand your erotic repertoire with sensual massage
  • Discover the mysteries of female arousal, and why it’s not so mysterious after all
  • Learn about what gets in the way of female pleasure and what you can do to support Her

Level Four: Amplify

You long to taste more flavours on the erotic spectrum yet don’t know where to start.

How do you tune into Her moment to moment and amplify arousal? What happens next?

Discovering your unique erotic makeup is one aspect. Learning how to share this with Her is the other.

  • Explore your unique erotic wiring in a welcoming and non-judgemental space
  • Discover your “turn-ons”, what makes you tick and how to communicate this to Her
  • Harness the power of erotic archetypes and dark Eros
  • Play with polarity and the potency of  opposites
  • Turn up the charge - in ethical and enlightening ways

Activate, Attune, Arouse, Amplify

The Erotic Mastery programme follows four key stages:

  • Activate
  • Attune
  • Arouse
  • Amplify

Like any endeavour, it’s very tempting to want to rush to the peak. However, it’s essential to build base camp.

Activate is the place where you build strong foundations. (You can also do this level as a standalone experience.)

If you haven’t activated and attuned your own sexual energy first, then it’s all too easy to fall into the default ways of doing things when you come into connection with anotehr.

If you keep doing the same old things, you’ll keep getting the same old outcomes.

Re-wiring the circuitry of your body and brain requires time, energy and commitment.

You are worth it. So is She.

“Gayatri really is very special. It’s not just the amazing breadth of skills she has but the great care and attention with which she uses them. I went to edges that I’ve never been to but at no point did this feel unsafe. I felt like I could go there because I had so much trust in Gayatri's ability to help me navigate there safely and always with laughter. There were such profounds moments for me.” - Andrew

"You have had an enormous influence on my life after years of darkness. You reminded me how to be a man again. Such a special woman. I have been so fortunate to have benefitted from your love and sensuality. My mojo is now sky high and my new relationship blossoming. I can’t thank you enough." - John

"Time spent with Gayatri leaves a deep impression. She creates a welcoming, nurturing and safe space which allowed me to go to places unknown and unexplored. I knew I was in the hands of someone who cared, an intuitive guide and also a fellow traveller. She is completely committed to being a partner to one’s own journey. I loved my time with her." - Paul


Erotic Mastery is offered at Gayatri's home temple space in North Dorset with online support in between levels.

Each level is offered as two full days of immersive experience spread over three days.

Arrival from 2pm on the first day (one session), one full day in the middle (two sessions), and departure by 2pm on the final day (one session).

Sessions are recommended every 3-4 months with the series ideally completed within 18 months of commencement.



Each level includes:

  • Two days of experiential learning and embodied practice so that you get life-changing transformation in every cell of your being
  • Snacks and refreshments throughout. Nutritious lunch on the middle day
  • Handouts and guided recordings for home practice so that you can integrate the learnings and move towards mastery
  • Online follow-up sessions so that you get the accountability and support you need to make lasting change

Does not include: Travel, accommodation or meals. Local recommendations can be provided.


Per Level - £2,500

Full Programme - £9,500

Payment plans available to spread the cost over 6 or 12 months.

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