Learn the Art of Tantra Massage

Many folks are muddled about what is a Tantra massage. Mistaking it for simply a sexual, sensual or erotic experience. Or even worse, the well-known "happy ending".

Tragically this misses  the depth and potential of experiencing honouring presence and devotional touch.

A true Tantra massage welcomes all of you as you are...
As a physical being
An energy being
An emotional being
A sexual being
A sacred being

A true Tantra massage takes you beyond...
Beyond who you think you are
Beyond what you think you know
Into a state of embodied
All That Is.

The Journey

It starts with you.

Many folks think that learning Tantra massage is a "Do-ing" with techniques. This is simply not true.

Tantra massage is a transmission from your "Be-ing" to theirs.

The first step for anyone considering training in Tantra massage is to experience it first for themselves with a Tantra Massage Initiation session.

When you have awakened to the Tantric energies, you become like a tuning fork vibrating at a certain pitch. This invites another into resonance with you.

Then the journey of learning can really begin...

Curious about what it takes to become a Tantric practitioner? Check out this blog.

Awakening the Ecstatic Body

This is the pre-requisite training before learning intimate genital massage.

You will learn the following….

  • Essence of Tantric Touch
  • Keys of Energy Awakening
  • Full-body Ecstatic Awakening Massage Sequence (no intimate genital massage)
  • Opening and closing rituals to create sacred holding
  • Distinction between giving and receiving, taking and allowing
  • Clear and conscious communication

You will leave feeling confident and assured in offering an ecstatic awakening  massage to beings in all bodies.

Honouring the Male Body

Building on the skills of the "Awakening" training, discover how to take a male-bodied being on a journey of erotic aliveness. Expanding beyond goal-oriented climax into orgasmic states of ecstasy and awakening.

You will learn the following….

  • Shiva Honouring Ritual
  • Anatomy & Energetics of Arousal
  • Lingam Massage
  • Anal Massage

You will leave feeling confident and assured in offering massage to a male body. 

Honouring the Female Body

Building on the skills from "Awakening", discover how to take a female-bodied being on a journey of embodied pleasure, empowerment and love. 

You will learn the following….

  • Shakti Honouring Ritual
  • Anatomy & Energetics of Arousal
  • Breast¬†Massage
  • Yoni¬†Massage

You will leave feeling confident and assured in offering massage to a female body. 


Training programmes are bespoke to your level of experience and requirements.

For guidance, fees begin at £1,200 per day for solo explorers.

What's included...

  • Full day of training (suggested timings 10am to 6pm)
  • Experienced model for massage practice
  • Nourishing and nutritious lunch
  • Handouts of massage sequences
  • Follow up session via Zoom¬†


Want to share the experience with a partner or friend? 

The "couples" rate is £1,500 per day. 

This means you are willing to give and receive massage to and from one another for practise.

If only one of you wants to give and the other receive, the rate remains the same as you will both learn a lot from the experience regardless who is attending to learn.

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