Erotic Education for Couples

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or just starting out, there is so much to be discovered about intimacy, touch, and the nature of desire.

Very few couples are having stellar sex. At best some couples are having basic sex. Many couples are not having any sex as it just feels too fraught with challenge.

Intuitively you know that something is missing. Instinctively you sense that there is so much more to be experienced. You can practically taste a whole realm of erotic experience just waiting to be discovered.

It’s a great tragedy that many couples do not know how to communicate with one another when it comes to their needs, boundaries and desires. Or how to cultivate love-making that enhances their relationship.

There are simple and straightforward principles that can be brought into your relating to re-awaken intimacy and rise in love together.

If you are starting a new relationship, this is the perfect time to learn how to truly meet one another in love and truth. You know that the first flush of romance will fade. You’ve loved and lost before. Why not lay good foundations for your future happiness?

Explore the themes below to plan your couples experience…

Programmes are bespoke to your interests, intentions and level of experience.

Conscious Communication 

  • Communicate your needs, preferences and boundaries in loving and supportive ways
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback that enhances your connection
  • Discern between giving and taking so that you touch with integrity
  • Distinguish between receiving and allowing so that you are truly in choice
  • Tune into your partner beyond the words for more present and connected love-making

Bonding Behaviours 

  • See one another again as if for the very first time
  • Cultivate “warm” love-making over hot sex
  • Luxuriate in sensuality beyond friction based sex
  • Discover new kinds of intimate connection – inside and outside of the bedroom

Anatomy & Energetics of Arousal

  • Receive the sex education you never had
  • Discover the different pathways of arousal in different bodies
  • Dismantle old and limiting notions around sex and how the body works

Ecstatic Awakening Erotic Massage

  • Savour the essence of Tantric touch
  • Learn full body ecstatic massage
  • Expand erotic aliveness with the Keys of Energy Awakening
  • Discover specific strokes for lingam/penis massage
  • Delight in specific strokes for breast and yoni/vulva massage

Energy Love-making 

  • Cultivate erotic energy to create blissful encounters
  • Play with polarity: sex and heart, yin and yang
  • Expand aliveness with advanced Tantric practices

Dark Eros: Sensual Surrender & Conscious Kink 

  • Uncover darker desires and erotic impulses
  • Negotiate boundaries and kinky pla
  • Discover the dynamics of Dominance and Surrender
  • Play with power exchange in ethical and enlightening ways
  • Explore the sweet spot of pleasure and intensity through sensation play

“We would both highly recommend the couples session with Gayatri, if you are wondering about whether it would be good to explore and understand more about tantra and sensuality as a couple. We got so much out of it.

Gayatri is highly skilled, very respectful and ensures that you travel at the pace you both need to get the most out of the day. We left with things to try at home, that felt really simple, easy and accessible and we both felt a renewed confidence." - S&T

“Thank you so much for the depth of your hospitality, care and guidance - there is no doubt that last weekend will redirect our life to calmer and more beautiful waters with greater authenticity and beauty for the valuable time that you spent with us both.

Your home is indeed a beautiful and serene sanctuary away from the crashing wheels of the world as it turns. What a quite remarkable achievement to have created such a divine space.” - M&H


"We came with an open mind and left with a deeper understanding of ourselves and of each other. Our love, we thought, could not be deeper and with your sensual and sensitive guidance you have deepened our love further.

We live such busy lives and love making is often a rushed affair. Gayatri, you have paved the way to make sure we make the time to reach heights of passion not experienced before and your instruction has made us yearn to make the time for each other and we could not be more grateful." - R&A



Couples sessions are offered in person at Gayatri's home temple space in North Dorset and online.



Couples Session - £650 (3 hours) 
Full Day - £1200 (8 hours including lunch)
Block of 3 Sessions - £1200 (First session is 3 hours and the two subsequent sessions are 2 hours each. Monthly payment plans available.)

Individual Session - £150 (one hour)
Block of 3 Sessions - £360 (3 x one hour)

The longer we have, the deeper we can go...

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