About Gayatri

Since 2012 I have been holding transformative spaces for people to discover the aliveness of their being through conscious touch and erotic awakening. My experience within the field of sexuality includes working as a Tantric bodyworker, sensual guide and erotic educator.

I founded Tantra Massage Training in 2016 to offer a heart-centred and body-celebrating approach to spiritual awareness and erotic expansion. Since then I have initiated hundreds of people into the art of Tantric touch through workshops, and created an inspired community of sensual enthusiasts.

Central to my work is grounding in safety, cultivating sensitivity, and embodying the Sacred.

Interested in exploring Sacred Sexuality with me? Check out my website gayatribeegan.com

Imagine we lived in a world where… 

Sexuality is seen as natural, healthy, and empowering.

Conversations about sex are joyful, honest, and generative.

Pleasure is upheld as the birth right of all beings.

The wounds of separation are healed: between men and women, head and heart, sex and the sacred.

We live sustainably and learn to thrive rather than simply survive.

Sexuality is recognised as both a natural dimension of being human and sacred dimension of what is beyond human.

We revere and are revered by one another.

We are turned on to Life.

Professional Trainings & Qualifications

Wondering how I got to be doing what I do? Here's the lowdown of the trainings I have undertaken in order to offer this work with depth and integrity.

Additionally, I have a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature & Philosophy and a Masters degree in Linguistics.

Plus pretty much a lifetime of questioning the standard narrative and questing for the Sacred.