What if everything you had learned about s*x was wrong?

erotic education male sexuality men Nov 14, 2023
Heartful man

Men – it’s not your fault.

  • No-one gave you a proper education in sex, pleasure and intimacy.
  • No-one offered you a loving and honouring sexual initiation.
  • No-one showed you how to show up as a man. In life or in sex.
  • And very few seem to celebrate potency of men and masculinity.

In the last weeks (since I shared the post Men I Love You) I’ve had an influx of men seeking to experience a more authentic, enlivening and fulfilling erotic life.

The feedback that I get from them over and over, is that time with me is like nothing they have ever experienced before. The sessions are liberating, expansive and ultimately life-changing.

There is a standard story of sex that puts a huge pressure of performance on the man (especially in the heterosexual dynamic). You are expected to be the beginning and end of sex through erection and ejaculation. Not too quick, not too slow, not too hard, and definitely not too soft.

This story does not serve you. Or the ones you love.

Yet many men are labouring under the belief that there’s something wrong with them, rather than questioning that there might be something wrong with the standard story of sex.

Imagine you had a space to discover who you really are as a man and a lover? To find out what feels good and right for you?

Such as…

  • The man who received a Tantra massage for the first time and experienced a full-body energy orgasm (this is one of my super powers) Days after he still feels energised and enlivened and reconnected to his zest for life.
  • The man who regained the sexual confidence lost due to a relationship break-down by how to communicate needs and desires through Erotic Education
  • The man who finally found the missing piece that he had always been seeking to become a master lover (it’s not what you might think)

Intuitively you just know that there’s more to sex than you have previously experienced. Yet without a map or compass, it’s not possible to find your way there.

Let me be your erotic guide.

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