Sanctuary Retreats: Restore your zest for life!

tantra May 31, 2023

Summer has come to Somerset and recently we have been enjoying the delights of having folks here for Sanctuary Retreats.

The home space of “Heaven on Earth HQ” is truly a sanctuary from the bustle and busy-ness of life. The sacred is deeply woven into the everyday.

This is not just a holiday, this is a potent transmission in living in greater alignment with Source.

"I feel much revitalised and greatly reconnected with my own inner wisdom and the wisdom of wider energies.” - Tim

Each day of your stay, enjoy a private session with Gayatri where she will support and guide you in opening to the most optimal nourishing and expansive experience.

Transformation can come about in the most unexpected ways – in the times when we least expect it. Over the time of your stay there is a spaciousness to explore the things that are on your mind and in your heart without pressure to find an answer. Walking and talking in the woods or simply hanging out by the sea can yield spontaneous surprises and unexpected treasures.

Bayari is an exceptional hostess and chef who creates stunning meals and culinary treats that not only delight your tastebuds but also nourish on every level.

"Your food fed not just our bodies but our souls" - R&A

Our Western culture tends to emphasise “doing” as the only worthwhile pursuit. What if you could find yourself in the simple practice of being?

  • Know that you need to relax but don’t know how to do it
  • Have been going through big life shifts and need a special space to reflect
  • Seek a reset for your body and mind
  • Long to let go of the everyday doings and drop into a state of being
  • Enjoy guided activities and experiences to support your "me time"
  • Yearn to slow down and savour life
  • Feel curious about experiencing more pleasure and ease

You will leave feeling refreshed, restored, and resourced for life.

We look forward to welcome you!

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