Dropping into Sacred Darkness

darkness Oct 13, 2023
Light in the dark

There has never been a time like this to be alive. There has never been a more urgent need to pause, rest and reflect.

In a world that seems to be spiralling ever more wildly into chaos, it is essential to stay in our centre. Stay resourced. Stay present.

As the season changes and we move towards Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, there is an invitation to turn inwards in contemplation. To remember right relationship with one another. To cultivate intimacy with All That Is.

Can you hear the call? Do you feel the longing of your Soul to tend to the inner being?

For the second year running, I am holding space for Sacred Darkness. A weekly online gathering of contemplation in community. Rest and restoration. You are invited.


  • Thursday evenings at 9pm (GMT/UTC) for one hour
  • Thirteen weeks commencing 2nd November until 25th January (the period of Samhain to Imbolc in the Celtic calendar)
  • Online via Zoom

What you can expect...

  • Beautiful evocative music
  • Poetry and prayer
  • Silence and stillness
  • Occasional guest contributors sharing original work

This is an experience curated by Gayatri
Offered to you
In service to the Great Mystery.

Receive the experience in whatever way feels good and right for you. Active engagement is not required.

Last year people said...

"It was so deeply tender and beautiful last night... I felt held by the arms of the group that gathered. Today I feel open-hearted and grateful" - Sarah

"I found stillness in the dark with you last night." - Sam

"I'm actually enjoying the dark time in the sessions as a way to let go and relax. The music is also fascinatingly beautiful. It's helping me embrace the darkness. I had the best night's sleep in a long time." - John



Sacred Darkness is offered in the spirit of gift economy with a suggested donation of £6 per session.

Or why not join the Sacred Darkness Community?
Suggested donation - £33

  • Participate in as many weekly sessions as you like over the thirteen week period.
  • Join the Telegram group and receive playlists, poetry and contemplative prompts.
  • Receive my downloadable guide to creating a Sacred Darkness experience in your own home.

Click here to join the community - https://bit.ly/SD_Community

If funds are not currently flowing, you can still join the weekly online Sacred Darkness gatherings by registering on Zoom. Let money not be a barrier to sharing this experience together.

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