It’s our seventh birthday!

tantra massage training Apr 06, 2023
New logo

Today we are celebrating seven years of Tantra Massage Training. Since 2016, hundreds of sensual explorers have discovered the beauty and potency of neo-Tantra through bodywork and ritual. That’s seven years of embodied awakening through embracing Eros.

The number seven appears in many places  – seven days of the week, the seven chakra energy system, and seven musical notes on the heptatonic scale. To name just a few.

In numerology the number seven is considered to be the number of spirituality. Uniting the world of form (the number four) with the formless (the number 3). It is also the number of completion and marks the transition into a new cycle of life.

So it feels particularly auspicious that on this day – under the illumination of the Libra full moon – that I’m sharing our new look website. It gives a fresh vibrant feel and more accurately reflects our current offerings.

We hope that you love our new look website.

Our new logo also incorporates the seven interconnected circles of the Seed of Life – uniting Earth with Heaven, creation with completion, and matter with the Mystery.

There are other things happening behind the scenes and I’ll be sharing more about that in the months ahead.

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