Sacred, Safe & Sustainable
Sexuality Work
for Women & Femmes

Training and mentoring
for aspiring and active 
practitioners of Love and Eros.

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I see you sister.

You’ve done your inner work and explored sexuality for yourself.
Perhaps you are already working in the field of sexuality, therapy or bodywork.

You know the aliveness that's within your being.
You know that you have a sacred gift.

There is a longing to initiate others into the mysteries of existence.
Through the potent portal of the body. 

This is the call to the Sacred Path of the Initiatrix.

Be part of the shift...


Those of us called to a devotional path of Sacred Sexuality are part of a great lineage. It may have been broken, lost, or distorted, yet we are hearing an ancient calling that is very much of this time.

We are here to co-create a new paradigm that's deeply in touch with the body and the earth: one that honours the sacred gift coming through. While acknowledging the imperfections of humanity and society, we hold in our hearts the innate innocence and deep heart longing of every being to love and be loved.

As Sacred Sexuality Practitioners, we create the conditions where people can come into the remembrance of this innocence, where that part of them can be touched.

You know you are here to serve as a practitioner of Love and Eros.

Yet the question "Who will understand what I want to do?" can get in the way.

As women or femmes called to be in service to Sacred Sexuality, we’ve often found ourselves swimming against the tide of shame.

Because a lot of people just don’t GET it. 

Maybe you’ve tried to share with people about the sacredness and vital importance of this work, only to be met by responses that are baffled at best, and judgmental, fearful, and critical at worst. Or perhaps you’ve received unwanted warnings and attempts to put you off, leaving you with a sense of not being met energetically.  

You find yourself having to deal with their stuff, either explaining or educating or defending. 

And trying to do all this alone can just feel overwhelming. 

We need one another. We can be stronger together. 


Here’s what you can expect...

The Sacred Path of the Initiatrix is a 9-month training and mentoring programme for aspiring and newbie female-identified Sacred Sexuality professionals that puts sexuality work in its rightful place in the world.

It’s a one-of-a-kind training that combines the hands-on skills to offer sexuality sessions with the know-how of establishing your business in ways that are sacred, safe and sustainable.

It’s also unique in that it offers training and mentoring specifically to women and female-identified beings only. That speaks directly to the challenges women face – and celebrates the unique gifts that you have to offer.

There are many courses out there that will give you practical skills – perhaps with a bit of marketing and business advice – then leave you to your own devices to work it all out for yourself. This training supports you on an ongoing basis so that you are accompanied along the way.

This is not a quick-fix flash-in-the-pan weekend workshop that casts you adrift afterwards, but a well-paced step-by-step program that will offer you the skills and structures to embark on your professional career with confidence.

There are 3 key elements to the 9-month program:

In-person Training

Two residential immersions, plus one non-residential weekend of trauma-informed practice. This will give you an embodied experience of the work and equip you with the practical hands-on skills to start offering Sacred Sexuality sessions, or up-level your current offerings.

Online Course

Learn biz skills such as how to create & share your offerings, communication skills, and how to heal your visibility blocks. The program will include monthly Q & A and guest speakers who share from the rich harvest of their own experience.

Online Community

Be part of a dedicated online community space for ongoing nourishment from those who are on the same path, sharing your experiences and learnings with each other. Plus, regular live meetings to fill up your cup.

You will have the skills and confidence to…

  • hold a welcoming and inviting sacred space (that doesn’t have to be woo woo!)
  • guide in conversations around consent and boundaries
  • offer embodied experiences of bodily sovereignty
  • overcome body shame and come into body celebration
  • awaken the ecstatic body with Tantric bodywork
  • initiate into the keys of energy awakening through breath, sound and movement
  • honour the male body through ritual and touch, including lingam and anal massage
  • honour the female body through ritual and touch, including breast and yoni massage
  • transmute shame, grief and numbness into pleasure and expansion
  • connect with the Chakras to integrate the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies
  • awaken the senses through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch
  • take them on a journey of sensual surrender

... and more!

All practices are suitable for solo explorers and couples.

The Sacred Path of the Initiatrix is your portal into…

  • Connecting with other practitioners of a similar vibration
  • Receiving mentoring and peer connection
  • Staying in your truth and power as you work with clients
  • Embodying empowered archetypes
  • Knowing, deep in your bones, that you are a part of a great and precious lineage that is now coming together in YOU!
Let’s come together in sisterhood & support

About Gayatri

Since 2012 I have been holding transformative spaces for people to discover the aliveness of their being through conscious touch and erotic awakening. My experience within the field of sexuality includes working as a Tantric bodyworker, sensual dominatrix and erotic educator.

I founded Tantra Massage Training in 2016 to offer a heart-centred and body-celebrating approach to spiritual awareness and erotic expansion. Since then I have initiated hundreds of people into the art of Tantric touch through workshops, and created an inspired community of sensual enthusiasts. Central to my work is grounding in safety, cultivating sensitivity, and embodying the sacred.


Ignite erotic aliveness


Alchemise with love


In service to awakening

In birthing The Sacred Path of the Initiatrix, I am following a call to address areas of shadow and challenge within our wider world, such as the distortion around sexuality, unhealthy power dynamics, and living in a culture of exploitation and extraction.

This offering from the heart honours evolution and awakening through embodying intimacy with life and healing the wounds of separation.

As a Sacred Sexuality Practitioner who’s followed this calling for over a decade, I’m here to tell you: you're allowed to do it in whatever way you'd like.

There’s no formula, no cookie-cutter model. No set way that you need to be. This training will support you to find your own way and firmly anchor in the permission to create the way you want to. So you can step into the work from that foundation in yourself. 

Play your part in the great awakening! Enrol here

Here's what people say...

(Testimonials from Tantra Massage Training workshops and one-to-one mentoring)


"I have attended a number of Gayatri’s workshops and I can’t imagine ever stepping away. Every workshop is beautifully held by an awesome team and is always perfect for the group of people it serves. I have grown so much as a person through the support of TMT and my life has changed beyond all recognition in how I show up in the world. Thank you for holding my hand and heart every step of the way."


"Without the support, guidance and mentoring from Gayatri, I would have not had the confidence or knowledge to offer Tantric Massage professionally.
Gayatri’s experience, wisdom and holding of my hand at each step along the way, enabled me to launch my successful business, work safely and attract the right clients for me. I can’t recommend enough having this essential and incredible support and guidance Gayatri very generously shares. It’s absolute gold!”


“Gayatri guides with joyful, embodied wisdom and offers structured techniques as well as transmitting how to be in devotional service and creating a ritual space. I feel that I now have a solid foundation to continue learning and practising the techniques to then guide others in tantric rituals. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and gifts!”

The Sacred Path of the Initiatrix brings awareness to multiple dimensions...



The inner work to attune and align yourself and your offerings.



The practical and interpersonal skills for holding another in sacred space.



Acknowledging our work in the macrocosm of society.

Does this sound like you?

  • Bodyworker or massage therapist intending to offer a truly wholistic approach
  • Sex worker - whether you identify as an escort, courtesan, call girl or pro-domme - seeking to uplevel skills and invite the sacred
  • Healer yearning to unite the split between mind and body
  • Spiritual seeker who knows the divinity in everything
  • Sensual enthusiast feeling drawn to dive into the Mystery
  • OR a woman who knows deep in her bones that she is an Initiatrix

This is for you if...

  • You feel a sacred call to work with sexuality
  • You have been on your own journey of sexual awakening and want to hold this space for others
  • You have been on a journey of inner work for some years and have the resources to hold yourself
  • You feel confident with this level of investment
  • You want to be part of a sisterhood supporting one another in sharing our gifts

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are primarily motivated by the money (though financial sustainability is important)
  • You have not yet engaged in any personal growth work or spiritual practice
  • You are currently in active trauma
  • You are in financial difficulty and the investment creates feelings of overwhelm
  • You do not feel in touch with any sense of the sacred
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Would you prefer private tuition or mentoring with Gayatri?

Gayatri offers private tuition from her home temple space in North Dorset UK and online mentoring from anywhere in the world.

Private tuitiondand mentoring is ideal if you would like to commence training sooner, or simply prefer more exclusive access.

To find out more, just complete the enrolment form and mention your preference. We will be in touch to arrange a call to discuss your requirements and outline the private training and mentoring options.

Explore private tuition and mentoring

The Sacred Path of the Initiatrix
is rooted in the principles of being…



There has never been a more urgent time for humanity to reconnect with a sense of intimacy, awe and wonder with the world. The body is the most potent place to do this.

How do you invite the Sacred into a secular world? In ways that are welcoming and inclusive rather than alienating and divisive? How do we acknowledge and honour the sanctity of the body, the potency of our sexual energy and the purity of the heart?

Far from being a pious holier-than-thou approach, the Sacred brings us into an intimate connection with life and all that is. Rooted in the body and a love of the Earth. Powered by Eros and the energy of awakening. Uplifted in awareness and acceptance.



For you... Your sensual and sexual expression is a sacred gift. Many women have experienced transgressions of personal space and bodily autonomy, if not outright sexual violence and abuse. 

That’s why you need the support and knowledge to safeguard yourself and your space, so that you can share your gifts with assurance.

For your clients... Working with sexual energy is playing with fire. It can be a potent awakening when Eros is ignited. It can also be damaging when care is not taken to tend to the space appropriately. 

Learn structured practices of intake, session-holding, repair, and referrals so that you work within your realm of excellence and joy, and offer sessions with integrity and accountability.



We are living in a culture that is addicted to bigger, faster, harder, and more. There is an urgency to the pace of life that is at odds with creating energetic and financial sustainability. Particularly for those in female bodies as we are socially rewarded for being caretakers and over-givers.

The stumbling block for many practitioners is not the work of being in session space itself – we love that! The struggles arise in creating financial sustainability, the balance of work and life, and receiving sufficient nurturing and nourishment. Without these in place, many practitioners become burnt out.

The Sacred Path of the Initiatrix supports you in creating a business that serves YOU as much as your clients.

What's included...

Immersion One

14th to 21st November 2024
Earth Spirit, Glastonbury

In-person residential workshop with training, accommodation and meals all included.

Trauma Informed Practice

Summer 2025 (dates TBC)

In-person non-residential weekend workshop with guest facilitator Sara Bhavani.

Immersion Two

Spring 2025 (dates TBC)
Earth Spirit, Glastonbury

In-person residential workshop with training, accommodation and meals all included.


6-month online course - inner alignment and outer expression. Paced to support learning and integration.


Monthly online group mentoring
calls with Gayatri.


9-month access to dedicated membership portal and peer support.


  • Step-by-step sequences for rituals and bodywork
  • Scripts and templates for client intake and structuring sessions.
  • Guided meditations to support your inner alignment and outer expression
  • Music playlists for sessions, practices and space holding
  • Guest presentations and recommendations on accountancy, legal, insurance, web design, hosting, copywriting, photography, and SEO so you can set up your business in the most effective way from the beginning
  • Complimentary listing on the Practitioner Directory (subject to approval)
9 months to birth your Sacred Sexuality business! Enrol here

More of what people say...

(Testimonials from Tantra Massage Training workshops and one-to-one mentoring)


"My life has changed beyond recognition since I first walked through the door of Tantra Massage Training. With Gayatri's teachings and support, I learned to embrace my sexuality and sensuality. Now I have created a devotional business offering that supports me and my family financially whilst doing what I love."


"When I found Gayatri and Tantra Massage Training, I had no idea how much it would change my life! It set me off on a deep journey to heal myself from past trauma whilst fully stepping into my purpose and why I am here on this planet. I will be forever grateful for Gayatri’s wisdom and support, and the part it played in my expansion.


“I have known Gayatri for a decade now, as facilitator, peer, colleague, friend and soul sister. Gayatri is someone who undoubtedly walks her talk in this life, a rare quality. With her embodied wisdom and experience, she supports, teaches and guides others on their path of awakening and landing heaven on earth, through Eros, through the body, through devotion to our humanness and the sacred. Bringing clarity and wisdom, and a big, open heart, Gayatri is a true teacher, and an elder in the realm of sacred sexuality we've been waiting for.”


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The Sacred Path of the Initiatrix is specifically for female-identifying beings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Feeling fully empowered to shine your light as a woman or femme who feels connected to Eros, aliveness and joy and wants to share it with others
  • Dropping into a space of shared sisterhood, trust and solid support with those who truly understand this calling
  • Knowing the tools and resources to hold sacred space with integrity and accountability
  • Rooting yourself in the inner work piece that really matters - valuing yourself. Carving out time for your own beingness while still being of service
  • Sharing your greatest gifts as a Sacred Sexuality Practitioner and experiencing them being received, acknowledged, and appreciated
  • Having excellent boundaries and knowing how to take care of yourself and your own body, so your inner light is safe

Your connection to Eros, to aliveness and joy, is sorely needed in this world. It’s time to follow the call in your body and heart. 

Claim your gifts fully & unapologetically